Training System


Kayas’ unique method of instruction is built upon the vision of a more interactive virtual classroom. Using Skype for Business and Microsoft’s Surface Hub hardware, Kayas instructors stationed at each of the three campuses are able to deliver their courses to students from the three communities simultaneously. Cloud-based computing using Microsoft Office 365 is the basis for the delivery of course content, and the exchange of homework and assessment materials between instructor and student.

How it Works

The instructor delivers classroom training to students at their respective location, displaying all class content on the Surface Hub. Students in the other two communities view the same content presented over connected Surface Hubs. All students are essentially entered into a conference call environment -connected via video, audio, and presented content.


  • Virtual classroom presents fewer barriers than traditional distance education methods
  • Students and instructors communicate directly over content shared between locations
  • Cloud-based computing provides flexibility for the student’s schedule limitations
  • Students become adept in using modern technology standard in workplace settings
  • Instructor use of Office 365 allows for customized delivery of content to students