Adult Basic Education

The main academic program offered at Kayas College provides adult learners with content from grade 6 to 9 curriculums focusing on math, English, and social studies. This content is delivered full-time over four terms of four months each.

Students who complete the ABE program obtain minimum employability skills, and become eligible to apply for the University College Entrance Preparation program.

University College Entrance Preparation

The UCEP program takes eligible adult learners and provides requirements for students to gain provincially-recognized secondary school diploma equivalency. Over two semesters of four months each, students learn content from Math 10-C, English 20-1 and 30-1, and Social Studies 20-1 and 30-1.

Students make use of Microsoft 365 to complete course requirements, gaining valuable computing skills relevant to modern workplaces.


Applications for the Fall 2018 semester are now closed.