Tips and information to help community members increase the energy efficiency of their homes.

Maintaining a home in a remote northern environment comes with unique challenges in all four seasons. That’s why instructors from Kayas’ Housing Construction and Renovation Training Program have prepared a 2-day workshop to help community members improve the energy efficiency of their homes, promoting such benefits as:

  • Improved year-round temperature management
  • Better air circulation and moisture management
  • Reduced energy consumption costs
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions for a better environment

The course includes modules on the basics of climate change due to greenhouse gas emissions, proper window and door installation, ICF construction, general tips for managing indoor air circulation and moisture, information regarding local channels for obtaining energy efficient supplies and materials, and more.

The course is designed to benefit mainly labourers or tradespeople serving homes within Little Red.

Contact your local Kayas campus for more information.