The long-term sustainability of any community is reliant on its ability to access skilled labour in construction trades.


The apprenticeship training program at Kayas aims to develop the skilled labour capacity of the communities of LRRCN. By developing skilled electricians, carpenters, and plumbers from the local communities, the nation can rely less on services that they have historically been forced to outsource at significant expense and become more self-reliant in the development and maintenance of their communities.

How it Works

Kayas employs journeyman instructors within the three trades of carpentry, electrical, and plumbing. Members of the three communities are invited to apply for apprenticeship positions as they become available, under one of the trades instructors.

Apprentices work alongside the journeyman of their respective trade, gradually learning practical skills and taking on more responsibilities and job site tasks as they become more experienced.

After completing sufficient workplace hours, apprentices are enrolled in accredited trades training courses at institutions across Alberta. Kayas is currently developing a custom accredited training program in partnership with NAIT to deliver first level carpentry training on-reserve.

Benefits to the community

  • Develop skilled employment opportunities for community members
  • Provide skilled labour within LRRCN, reducing construction and maintenance costs
  • Allow community infrastructure spending to remain within the community
  • Maintain community pride by reducing reliance on external businesses and contractors

Current Projects

  • Fox Lake band office renovations
  • Community housing renovations

Completed Projects

  • JDP Kayas renovations and extension, completed Dec 2015
  • Fox Lake Kayas renovations, completed Aug 2016
  • Mamawai Awasis renovations, completed Dec 2016
  • JDP 4-plex, completed Jan 2017


To date, one journeyman plumber and one journeyman electrician have graduated from the program. Multiple apprentices currently active in the program have completed the construction and maintenance of community housing infrastructure.