Educational programming for all ages

The family literacy program is one of Kayas’ most successful community programs to date. “Magic Carpet Ride” is run in partnership with the local elementary schools in each community to promote family participation in early education. Once a week, parents bring their children in for an interactive session at their respective school’s library, where they are read a story and participate in engaging activities.

A significant portion of the young adult population of LRRCN have children in early education. The goal of the program is to show parents how to involve themselves in their child’s schooling, and present ways to help them encourage the process of learning to read. The impact of the program has been evident through consistently higher turnouts on a week-to-week basis. Students and parents alike are enthusiastic about participating regularly.

If you’re interested in learning more about Family Literacy night hosted at John D’or Prairie School or Fox Lake Elementary, call (780) 759-2034 or email us at Check our News & Events Page for more information about upcoming events.